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Mortgage Process

 The mortgage process and how it works.

Initial Contact

You may have been referred to ltd by a friend or searching on the internet. Which ever method you use to find us, once ltd first gets to know of your enquiry you will be contacted by telephone from a qualified Adviser. The Adviser will run through the basic principles of the mortgage process. Ultimately, an Adviser will need to give you advice and recommendation. This advice must be based on something. The Adviser will need to gather the facts that pertain to your personal circumstances. To that end the adviser will arrange with you a convenient, suitable date and time for a fact find visit in the comfort of your own home.  Distance is not usually a problem but we would expect travelling time to be not more than 3 hours away from Aberdeen by car.  

Gathering the Facts - (1st appointment)

During the first visit you will have a totally confidential and broad discussion of where you are at the moment in a financial sense but more importantly where you want to be.  During the visit the Adviser will complete a comprehensive fact find document.  This fact find will enable the adviser to go away and work on your behalf to research the market based on your personal circumstances. The Adviser will arrange a 2nd appointment date and time for the adviser to present his/her findings. Many people ask if there is a charge for this service. “No”.  If at the end of the 1st visit you think you would rather not proceed then just tell the Adviser and we will leave it at that.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Doing the Research – (Between appointments)

The Adviser will go back to the office where there are extremely advanced comprehensive up-to-date sourcing systems to research the market place for all the available products the Adviser has identified you need.  These products could be Mortgage, Life assurance, income protection or buildings and contents.  We will have access to many exclusive deals that are available to Mortgage intermediaries and not available on the high street.  The Adviser will create a financial tailor made solution for your needs. You will also have some homework to do at this time in gathering documents such as payslips...etc.  A list of required documents will be provided on the first visit.

Presenting the Findings – (2nd Appointment)

It is at this point where you will decide if the findings meet your requirements and whether you want the adviser to proceed.  In most cases the adviser will also have an “Agreement in Principle” to proceed from the mortgage lender if you so desire.   The adviser will present their findings from his or her research.

Applying for the Mortgage and Insurance

By doing the mortgage process in this manner gives you the opportunity in the comfort of your own home to ensure that the products chosen not only reflect your needs but also reflect the best deal the current market has to offer. The Adviser will keep you informed at every stage of the process but feel free to phone for an update at any time. ltd in conjunction with your Adviser will process your application to the Lenders, insurance providers and other associated service providers such as Solicitors and Surveyors if applicable.